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Title: SR731 Problem
Post by: Snoochy on October 23, 2006, 12:43:55 PM
A little background:

- I have a 2700 sqft house
- Using the DS7000 as security, 2 motion sensors and 3 door sensors (DS10A)
- The CM15A is located on the top floor, most sensors are on the main floor below it
- All sensors are registered and working with the DS7000

I am having one issue with a DS10A sensor (patio door) that is located the farthest from my CM15A.  The DS7000 picks up the open/close without issue but the CM15A does not always pick up the patio door calling out every hour.  The DS7000 is actually farther away than the CM15A.  I would check my activity log every once in a while and sometimes see the patio door calling out, but not every hour, but sometimes only every few hours.  I figured it was a range issue and bought the SR731 to extend the range.  I located it between the patio door and the CM15A to help repeat the signal.

The problems then began.  The repeater would duplicate the communications from the other door sensors and would cause my DS7000 to show I am having problems with the remaining 2 door sensors that were recently opened.  I would test opening the door and I would hear the security chime.  I would then close the door, and then a few seconds later, it would chime again as if it were opened, hence making the DS7000 believe that it was still open due to the "repeated" signal.  Therefore, I could not arm the security system without the 2 door sensor location LEDs showing an error.

I then removed the SR731 and hid it, and the problems with the door sensors went away (but I still have the distance issue with the patio).  This makes me believe that the repeater doesn't work for me and I'm better off without it (however, I am a little upset that I wasted the $40!).

From what I know about the DS 7000, it has to check in with the sensors at least every 4 hours to ensure they are working and that way, the DS7000 won't show a problem.  In my situation, since the DS7000 did not show me a problem (before the repeater), I assume it was properly receiving the patio door "call outs", but it was only my CM15A that wasn't receiving the hourly callout and reporting it properly on my activity log.  So in this situation, I probably won't have to worry about "boosting or repeating" the signal to the DS7000 as it is receiving properly...am I correct in that thinking?

Second question...how do I get my CM15A to receive the hourly communication so I can see it on my activity log?  Will the RR501 work to do this for me (and not cause a problem with my DS7000)?  And/Or is the TM751 something I should use instead?


Thanks very much.
Title: Re: SR731 Problem
Post by: Charles Sullivan on October 23, 2006, 01:05:35 PM
Neither the RR501 nor TM751 transceives RF signals from security sensors.

You'll need to work at improving the reception of your CM11A.

Several non-invasive mods you can make have been posted in this forum, however I can't put my finger on them at present.
Title: Re: SR731 Problem
Post by: vhoang on October 23, 2006, 01:34:33 PM
Bumped into this response post by tuicemen the other day:

Just brilliantly simple.

The passive repeater trick seems to do well for some folks at boosting signal distance on a number of x10 rf transmitters.

You can give it a shot to see if it helps, since your SR731 is giving you trouble.
Title: Re: SR731 Problem
Post by: Tuicemen on October 23, 2006, 06:58:01 PM
Snoochy : Read my post Topic: Having X10 AHP Problems? Please Read This First!  (Read 7735 times)    (http://www.x10community.com/forums/index.php?topic=7951.0) 
There is a link in there to a post for improving the range of the CM15A that does not involve modifications to the Cm15A!
As vhoang stated you can use the passive antenna trick above the sensor as well!