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Title: 2Way Module with SDK
Post by: marineau on November 07, 2006, 06:24:59 AM
I have not a Lamp Module 2Way and before to buy, I would like know this module !   
I ask me if 2way module can do this:   
I have an aquarium with a submersible water heater.
This heater stop and start many times by hour to maintain water to 76F.
This heater is controlled by his bi-metalic switch sensor.   

If I connect this heater on a lamp module 2Way, and that this module is always set to ON position, does SDK can get his status on this module to know if a heater running or not, and to know how long by day that this bi-metalic is ON ?       

If yes, I would use this command: ActiveHome1.SendCommand "sendplc", "e8 StatusRequest" !

In others words, these Lamps module 2Way can it detect if a lamp is really working or not ?

Title: Re: 2Way Module with SDK
Post by: roger1818 on November 07, 2006, 11:33:27 AM
Unfortunately the answer is no.  The 2-way appliance modules cannot detect if the load is on or off while the module is turned on.  However, you could send a command to turn the module off, send the status request to determine the status of the heater and then turn the module back on again. 

A better option would be to switch a relay with the thermostat (bi-metalic switch sensor) and connect the ouput of the relay to a  POWERFLASH Interface (PF284) (http://www.x10.com/security/x10_pf284.htm) in Mode 3.  It will then send on and off commands when the heater turns on and off.

I hope this helps.