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Title: Sound a Chime Every 17 Seconds
Post by: spam4us on October 24, 2007, 12:00:11 AM
This macro is triggered by another macro that turns on my back patio light.  In that macro, it sets D9 ON to trigger this macro.  This macro will ring a chime (N10) I have located near my back door and also another chime(N11) I have located in my basement.

This macro will only sound the chime once ever 15 seconds only if I have a monitored switch set to ON (Module Status On Chimes On/Off Ok).  This switch is controlled by a mini controller where I can press the ON/Off button.  There are times when I don't want the chime to ring at all (a cookout, etc.).
You'll notice some 1 second delays.  I put these in because the chime would not sound consistently. With the delays, they do.

AHP 3.206
Runs From The Interface CM15A
Macro Name
Sound Chime D9
Trigger Conditions
D9 On and
Module Status On Chimes On/Off Ok and
Flag Status Off exactly 12
   Set Flags [12] Flag Command 
   Delay for 1 Second
  (N10) Chime Patio SC546A ON
  Delay for 1 Second
  (N11) Chime Basement SC546A ON
  Delay for 15 Seconds
  Clear Flags [12] Flag Command