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Title: X10Dispatcher Pic updater
Post by: Tuicemen on October 25, 2007, 04:02:07 PM
For those that don't know  X10Dispatcher  (http://x10dispatcher.com/) is capable of displaying Auto stills captured from AHPs iWitness/iWatchout Plug-in.
These pics can also be called up in MSN, by logging on to your X10dispatcher server,or from your ftp site! ;)

  AHP 3.206
  Runs from the PC
 This macro starts cams scanning and snapping pics so that X10dispatcher can get an update of the pics. Trigger is a Phantom module ,this allows me to trigger from a sensor or remotely! the updater only runs for 2 mins then turns off so not to fill my harddrive with unwanted pics

  Macro Name:
  X10Dispatcher pic updater

  Trigger & Conditions:  
  P7 On

  (A1) Video RecieverON
  (B4) CamAnvWhere Ninja ON
   Start Automatic Still Record
   Start Camera Scan
   Delay for 02:00
   Stop Camera Scan
   Stop Automatic Still Record
  (A1) Video Reciever OFF

Additional Notes:
I use a timer to start this macro daily So X10dispatcher has a daily pic It will have more resent pics if something else triggers the macro eg motion sensor! ;)
X10dispatcher has to be told where your auto stills are located under options\iWitness base directory eg: C:\AHP images\AutoStills
The camera name is the Pic name eg: *back yard.jpg