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Title: VR36A vs. VR31A in terms of range/quality/software usage - experiences
Post by: tbates on November 26, 2007, 08:54:42 PM
X10 recommends using the VR36A for users looking to do internet surveillance remotely since audio is not supported.

X10 recommends using the VR31A for users looking to do VCR taping and TV connection since audio is supported.

I was doing some testing between the VR36A (video, no audio receiver) and the VR31A (video and mono audio receiver) and was wondering everyone else experiences?

I had them setup to my TV and also to the free Xray Vision software download.

I noticed that the VR31A showed a little brighter/clearer picture and appeared to have better transmission range, assuming because of its larger antenna.

Iím asking because I am planning to purchase one of the X10 software programs that allows over the internet viewing of the cameras and turning my lights on/off.