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Title: 3-Phase XTB-IIR
Post by: JeffVolp on February 20, 2008, 10:19:59 AM
There have been several requests for a 3-phase version of the XTB-IIR.  To accommodate those people, I ordered a small batch of boards with 3 coupling networks for 3-phase "Y" distribution systems.  Except for the additional coupling network, this unit will work identical to the present XTB-IIR.  The 3-phase version will have a 12-watt power supply to drive all three bursts at maximum power.  This version should be available by late March of '08.  A 240V 50Hz 3-phase XTB-IIR will also be available.

More information is available here:  http://jvde.us/xtb/xtb_ordering.htm