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Title: Keyboard problems with Showtime
Post by: EricwDunn on May 12, 2008, 02:19:38 PM
Hello friends,

Thanks in advance for your help. 

When I installed the Showtime software and sender unit last night, my PC keyboard was inoperative.  I am thinking that the remote software killed my keyboard driver.  Does anyone else experience this?  If so, how do you install Showtime to avoid losing your keyboard?

Also, my XP computer kept telling me that the software I was installing wasn't certified compatible with MS XP and asking me if I wanted to stop the installation.  Is that normal for Showtime installation?

I intend on using the video sender to route internet video programs to my TV.  Is anyone else using it for that?  All that I'm reading now is that it does pictures, but I want to do video.