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Title: Advice - Reduce traffic via FLAGS & Conditions
Post by: PajamaGuy on June 29, 2008, 01:22:57 PM
Sometimes when other commands are executing, a sensor state may get missed by the CM15A - I'm finding that if a macro is firing, I sometimes don't get an OFF from a motion sensor. 

e.g. I have 2 DS10a's in the garage which set a "DOOR OPEN" flag and turn on a light when a door is opened.  I had them test that both doors were closed before turning OFF the light - So each time either sent its CLOSED heartbeat, they'd run a macro to turn off the light.  If it was on, it went off, if it was already OFF, I figured what the heck, another off command won't hurt.  Same thing when opening either door - send the ON command even if it's already on. WRONG - when the OFF macro was running today at exactly the moment my MS14 was sending an RF OFF, the RF OFF never made it to the CM15a.

Since I was using a flag to indicate a garage door open anyway, I just added that condition to the "Closed" and "Triggered" macros - now they only execute when the flag is SET (or not).  4 - to- 6 commands NOT sent every hour or when a door is opened if the light is already on.:)%

Just a piece of advice...