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Title: How are macro timers/conditions prioritised? - update; details of working macros
Post by: dash on July 11, 2008, 01:55:02 PM
I've got a timed macro which requires flag 2 AND flag 8, OR flag 3 AND flag 8 to be set as its conditions.

The on time for the macro is set at 14:00.

If say flag 3 becomes set at 14:30 and flag 8 at 19:55 will the macro run or will it fail because the flags were not already in their 'set' condition at 14:00?

Or will it run as soon as both flags become set (eventhough this could be hours after the on time for the macro)?



Edit   -   lights control now working

Macros now appear to be working correctly since I've re-thought the logic; the lights are now operated by a macro which is triggered by the RF output of the light sensor in a MS13e PIR (when certain conditions are met ELSE by a timed macro if not) ...

H16 is RF output from dusk sensor which triggers 'lights on at dusk' macro H16 if status of flag 2 or 3 is on, ELSE flag 8 is set
H12 is a dummy module which sets flag 3 at 14:00 on Fri, Sat, Sun (I want lights to be always triggered by the dusk sensor on these days all year)
H13 is a dummy module which sets flag 2 at 16:15 on M, T, W, Th (the lights will be controlled by the dusk sensor if it switches after 16:15)
H14 is a timed macro which brings the lights on at 16:15 on M, T, W, Th if flag 8 is set (i.e. this will happen when the dusk sensor sends its RF signal before 16:15 on M, T, W, Th; now the lights will operate at 16:15 and not before - as is required during winter when darkness arrives early but lights are only required after 16:15 on those days).
Flags are cleared by a 'lights off' timer and/or by a manually operated 'all off' macro.