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Title: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 11, 2009, 08:12:30 PM
I know I have seen other post on here showing a list of "your" X10 Products.....

** Just remember I'm still new to all this, so not all of my items are being used yet. Just like to have them for when the time comes....

Cameras And Stuff

1- Pan & Tilt VK75A
10- NightWatch Wireless low-Light B/W Cameras XX20A
2- Color Wireless Cameras XX16A
1-Scan Cam Remote XX11A
2- Wireless PC Transceivers CM19A
5- Eagle Eye Motion Sensors MS14A
5-Active Eye Motion Sensors MS16A
6- Wireless Transceivers TM751
2- Video Adapter VA11A and 1 VA12A
1- Video Receiver (No Audio) VR36A
1- Video/Audio Receiver VR31A
1- Wireless Video/Audio Sender/Receiver VK82A

Home Automation

1- Active Home Pro CM15A
Plug Ins: Smart Macros SW32A
              I Watch SW33A
              My House SW34A
              On Alert SW39A
1- Thermostat Set back Controller TH2807
6- Slim Line Wall Switches SS13A
1- Mini Timer MT12A
4- 3 Pin Alliance Modules AM466
3- 2 Pin Appliance Modules HC20A
2- RCA Wall Switches HC30W
10- Lamp Modules LM465
2- Universal Modules UM506
1- Palm Pad Remote HR12A
4- Socket Rocket Lamp Modules LM15A


1- Voice Dialer Console DS7000
16- Door and Window Sensors DS10A
4- Security Keychain Remotes KR10A
2- Security Motion Detectors MS10A
1- Remote Chime SC546A
1- Mini Power Horn SH10A-COM
1- Security Palm Remote SH624
1- Telephone Responder TR16A

Well this is my list of GREAT X10 Products !!!

  :' Now just need to get them all out of the box and installed........

 >! Thanks to all the members who have helped me along the way !!!!
Title: Re: My List of X10 Products
Post by: astrothug on March 11, 2009, 08:30:48 PM
hi nice set up....

how do you like the b/w cameras?

10- NightWatch Wireless low-Light B/W Cameras XX20A

wow do you the software or 3 party software? I like the idea of cameras and have one x10 pan & Tilt, In my kitchen that looks at the front door!


Title: Re: My List of X10 Products
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 11, 2009, 08:42:47 PM
Yes I like the B/W cameras. Just wish they worked better at night!

I have 3rd party software saved, but not yet installed.

My Pan & Tilt is in the Kitchen also. With the Pre Sets I can watch Front Door and Back Door from one location.

And the reason I have 10 B/W is because I got a GREAT Deal on Ebay and couldn't pass it up. It leaves me back-ups just in case..
Title: Re: My List of X10 Products
Post by: astrothug on March 11, 2009, 10:09:17 PM
cool thanks for the fast reply? 3 party software my ask what you use?

thanks again David.
Title: Re: My List of X10 Products
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 11, 2009, 10:43:53 PM

 Like I said currently I'm just using AHp with all plug ins. But I have SDK, Alert Dialer,X10 Dispatcher and X10sw saved waiting to install. i want to learn more about them and how to set them up before installing them.
Title: Re: My List of X10 Products
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 14, 2009, 08:42:36 PM
 :)% Just added a Telephone Responder TR16A to list......

Found it off EBay real cheap!!!
Title: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 19, 2009, 06:59:38 PM
First off let me state that I am a ROOKIE to all this X10 stuff! And my knowledge is VERY BASIC on electronics and X10. This has been a learn as I go experience. As I’m sure with most of us when we first discovered X10, their ads say “Easy Set Up” and make you think anyone can do the things they say it will do….. LMAO ! So after pulling my hair out and about to send it all back I found the forum. Then started realizing X10 can do what they say it will, it’s just not the basic “Easy Set Up”. So after lots of reading and posting LOTS of questions I’m finally started to get a little feel on how things with X10 work. With the encouragement from Tuicemen I decided to post my “Basic” set up in the Showcase.

** All of my set ups are running through AHP version 3.26 with all Plug Ins and NO Third Party Software(At this time).  The only modifications I have done this far are: My CM15A,CM19A (set up with “F” Connectors and the Dual Antenna) and my VR36A Video Receiver (Took the “paddle” off and installed a 2.4 Router Antenna) All of the mods were done with information off the forum except the VR36A, and Knightrider helped with that.

The Chin Room

1) I have 1 Pan & Tilt set up so it can scan the whole room. This way I can see if I have a chin on the loose, make sure all the lights are on/off when they should be and see if anyone is the room that shouldn’t be. And with the Pan & Tilt option it also allows me to view my temperature gauge, so I can monitor the temperature and humidity in the room.

2) I have 2 Active Eye Motion Sensors set up in the room to let me know if a chin gets loose or if someone is in there. They are set up to trigger a Remote Chime (set up in the kitchen) and turn on a small light (by the computer) if motion is detected. Then I have Macros set in the event of motion (Thanks to the help from Knightrider). When motion is detected the Remote Chime sounds, the Light (hooked up to a Lamp Module) turns on and it sends me an email. The light is in case we’re not here (can’t hear the remote chime then.. LOL) and if I don’t check my email via my phone and I see the light is on then I know I had movement in there. The Macros also have “Flags” set so between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm the alarm is in-active, because this is the time we are in there feeding. Also have a “Over Ride” switch I can use at anytime to turn the alarm off if I want to go in. Also have a SS13A Slim Line Wall Switch installed outside the door, so I can also Over Ride the Alarm in case I'm not at the computer or forget to before I go down stairs.

3) I have 2 sets of lights in there hooked up to 2 3-Pin Appliance Modules. They are set to turn on at 6:45 am and off at 10:45 pm everyday (16 hrs of light and 8 hrs of dark helps with the breeding process)

4) I have another 3 Pin Appliance Module on a small Exhaust Fan set to run a different times throughout the day. This helps pull Old Air out.

5) I also have a 2 Pin Appliance Module on a small In-Take Fan. This is set just like the exhaust fan to run a different times through the day. It pulls “Fresh Air” in. With the 2 different fans it keeps the air fresh and the humidity down.

6) I have a Door and Window Sensor that I added a longer wire to and installed it to a “Live Trap”. In the event a chin gets loose we hope it will run in the trap, and when the door closes it separates the contacts triggering the MS10A. Which I have installed in AHP with a Macro that triggers another Small Light (Hooked to a Lamp Module) by the computer and sends an email.

7) I have a DS10A installed in the one window in the chin room incase someone tries to break in. This is NOT installed in AHP, but is installed in my DS7000. Also have another DS10A installed on the door leading into the chin room, it’s set up the same way as the one on the window.

That’s my Chin Room Set Up in a nut shell…….

Future Installs would be a “High Temp” warning. A way to let me know the temperature is to in there.

Cameras Coming Up Next……………………
Title: Re: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 19, 2009, 07:50:24 PM

*As Stated before everything is running through AHP Version 3.26 with all Plug Ins and NO Third Party software.

I currently have 9 (sometimes 10) cameras installed. All of my cameras are Wireless with a VA12A installed, my modified VR36A and a Wireless Video/Audio Receiver/Sender VK82A to help improve reception. 

Link to my VR36A Mod: http://forums.x10.com/index.php?topic=17716.0

#1) Pan and Tilt set up in Chin Room
#2) In the backyard on the shed viewing the backside of the house
#3) Back of House viewing the Shed and Back Gate
#4) Back of the house viewing the back door
#5) Back Corner of the house viewing the whole side of the house
#6) Front Porch viewing Front Door
#7) Front Porch viewing street watching Front Gate and Vehicles
#8) Living Room viewing Front Door from Inside
#9) Kitchen viewing Back Door from Inside
#10) ”Baby Cam”.. Only use when we have New Babies in a cage and want to keep a closer eye on them.

As you can tell most of my cameras are set up outside and cover al angles of the property. Cameras 6,8 and 9 are set up with Eagle eye Motion Sensors and Macros. We have 2 teenage boys who are home a few hours before we are, so the Macros are set to turn the cameras on and record at a certain time. This way we know if any friends just happen to stop by before we get home.

And for added security in the house I have a few other cameras mounted but NOT installed (The boys don’t know this) Kind of like a baby sitter….LOL

Home Automation NEXT……………………………..
Title: Re: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 19, 2009, 08:49:59 PM
Home Automation


Active Home Pro with Plug Ins
        * Smart Macros
        * I Watch
        * My House
        * On Alert


1) CM15A

2) Living Room: Lamp Module (LM465) controlling Floor Lamp. With Macros set for Morning and Evening operation.
    * Morning (Weekdays) comes on at 12% at 4:55am, delays for 1hr and 30mins. Then increases to 50%. Delays for 1hr and 15mins. Then turns off.
   * Evening comes on @ 7pm 50%, delays for 1hr. Then reduces to 35% delays for 3hrs and then turns off.

3) Kitchen: Lamp Module installed on Sink Light. Macro set for Morning Operation, Comes on @ 4:55am 15% (enough light to get my coffee) delays for 1 hr 30 mins. Then increases to 50%. Delays for 1hr. Then shuts off.
       * Evening Operation is set on a Timer. Comes on at 7pm 45% and shuts off at 10:30pm.
       * Eagle Eye Motion Sensor (MS14A), “Phantom” Switch and Macro set up for Night Time. Set to turn on 15% anytime motion is detected between the hours of 11:30pm and 4:30am.
        * Slim Line Wall Switch (SS13A) set up to control Kitchen and Living Room Light.

4) Front Porch: RCA Wall Switch (HC30W) installed on Porch Light. Active Eye Motion Sensor (MS16A) installed on porch with Macro. Macro set to turn light on when motion is detected between the hours of 7pm and 7am. (This is the same sensor with different Macro and Settings set to turn on camera and record when we’re not home)

5) Degu and Hamster Room: Lamp Module on a Small Desk Light.  Set on a Timer come on at 10pm and off at 7am.

6) 2 Modified Smoke Alarms with DS10A: One installed in basement and upstairs hallway. Both installed AHP (and DS7000, in later post) with Macros. Macros set up to Send Email. (Phone Call and Flashing Lights set in Security Console)

7) These 2 Items are also in the Security Console but installed in AHP with Macros. The Front and Back Door DS10A(Window/Door Sensors). Macros are set to send emails anytime either door is opened between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm. (Just in case one the kids decide to skip school or something, because they have a remote to disarm security system)

8 ) Basement/Wash Room: 1 Socket Rocket (LM15A) and 2 Eagle Eye Motion Sensors. Set to turn on Wash Room light anytime Motion is Detected then turn off after motion stops. One motion sensor set outside the wash room, turns light on for wife before entering. The other inside washroom so light DON’T turn off till she’s done in there.(Helps with the WAF)  Both are set to the same House Code.

9) Have also added a Telephone Responder (TR16A). Now I can call to activate certain Modules if needed. (Comes in handy when someone is sleeping and ha their phone off and I need to wake them up. My son over slept the other day and I called and activated the “Power Horn” and Living Room Light…… Woke him right up….. rofl)

Title: Re: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 19, 2009, 10:37:21 PM

This section is pretty basic and self explanatory. I have the DS7000 Voice Dialer Console modified with a Longer Antenna. Have 12 Door/Window Sensors (DS10A) installed on all doors and windows. 2 Security Motion Detectors, they are both installed in the basement. With 2 dogs running the top floor of the house and all doors and windows covered, he best place was in the basement. One is in the Main Section of basement, the other is located on the stairs, between the 2 the whole basement is covered.

 As stated in the “Home Automation” post I have 2 DS10A modified to Smoke/Fire Detectors. Which are both installed in the DS7000 as well as APH. I know there has been the discussion on how to tell if it’s a “Break In” or “Fire” when the console calls you. So this way when I get the call I can also check email, because the modified DS10A’s are set up on Macros to email if they are triggered. This was my solution until I get a second DS7000. 

  Have 3 Key Chain Remote (KR10A) (the 4th is locked away and NOT installed, just in case it falls in to the wrong hands) Also have the Palm Remote (SH624). Also not stated in the “Home Automation” section, I have the MAIN House Lights set to the same house code as the DS7000. This way if the system is activated it will flash the lights.

 Also have the Boys Remote installed in AHP with Macro setup to let me know when they come in and deactivate the alarm.

Next FINAL THOUGHTS and ADD ONS............................
Title: Re: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 19, 2009, 10:57:38 PM


Well I will say that X10 needs to do some MAJOR work on their website! Not only just the "soft porn" side of it, but their Tech Support (if you want to call it that) and the beliefs of this stuff being easy set up  rofl...... After several hours/days/weeks of  B:( I was about to give up until I found the Forum. Between reading past post, asking questions and the AWSOME Support from you guys on here I was able to figure the basics out and go from there. (  >! Thanks Again to EVERYONE on here) Now I can say the X10 bug has bit me ( :' The wife's not as excited as I am about it, but I know it gives her a piece of mind when we're not home) Now I'm wanting to expand and improve!!! Want to learn more on the technical side of things, do more mods, learn and help the beginners as I was helped in the beginning and most of all HAVE FUN with my new toys.


   *Want to install some of the Third Party Software and learn how to use it.
   * Want to get a few FloodCams
   * Want to install a "High Temp" Warning Device (In Chin Room)
   * Get Another DS7000 (For the Fire/Smoke Detectors and other add ons)
   * Install more Wall Switches in the house (God knows kids can't figure out how to turn a light off)

 I'm sure the Add On list will grow over time... Who knows maybe someday I'll have my own  8) X10 Soda Machine ??

    :)% That's it..... X10 and My House........   >! Until my next post !!!
Title: Re: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on March 29, 2009, 02:23:23 PM

 Have been playing around with some 3rd Party Software.... Finally Installed X10WavPlayer..  :)%

I made some Custom Wav. Files to announce when my:

1) Chin Room Alarms are "Activated" and "Deactivated"

2) One that announces Movement on the Front Porch

3) Use one of the existing "Sound Files" to send an "Audiable Alert" as well as my other alerts when a Chin Gets Loose

4) Also have installed a MS16A in the Mailbox with a Wav File to announce when the mail arrives..(  :' Trying to Boost the WAF !! Keeps her from going out 20 times to see if the mailman came yet)

*** Now that we have found a House and will be moving soon, my set up is as completed as it will get for now  :(. Because I will soon have to take it all down  B:(  for the move.
But the new house is bigger...  :' So this only means my X10 set-up will have to be bigger  >! Woo Hoo !!!!!!!

>!  >! Good Luck to EVERYONE !! And can't wait to see the results................
Title: Re: X10 and My House
Post by: Tuicemen on April 06, 2009, 02:02:01 AM
WOW for being new to HA you sure jumped in with both feet! rofl
Can't wait to read how you set up the new house!
Title: Re: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on April 06, 2009, 09:54:25 AM
WOW for being new to HA you sure jumped in with both feet! rofl
Can't wait to read how you set up the new house!

:' Already making plans.........
Title: Re: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on April 09, 2009, 07:26:54 AM
Well getting ready to move, so I had to start taking down my X10 set up  B:(  B:(.......

But like I said the new house is bigger,  :' which in turn means more room for more  X10 stuff.....

Also the WAF is getting higher  :)% !! Came home to find out she bought us (ME) some more X10 goodies. Guess she was playing on Ebay and saw somethings she knew I wanted. We had been discussing expanding the "Security" side of things in the new house, for our safety and also more features in the New Chin Room.

So here's a list of what she ended up buying....


1-  Radio Shack 49-2551 Security System (same as X10 model PS561)
4 - X10 Powerhorn Sirens PH508
1 - X10 MS14A Indoor/Outdoor Motion detector
1 - Radio Shack 49-2589 Motion detector (same as X10 model MS10A)
10 - Door Window Sensors DS10A
1 - Transceiver Module RR501
1 - Security Remote KR10A
1-  6 n 1 Audio/Video System Universal Remote Control UR19A-C
1-  KC674 Keychain Remote
2 - Slimfire remotes (KR19A-C)
2 - Wall Switch Modules WS467-C
7 - Lamp Modules (4 are X10 LM465's, 3 are Radio Shack 61-2682B's)
3 - Appliance Module AM486-C
1 - Radio Shack Appliance Module (same as AM486-C)

 :' Is she the best or what ? ? ? ?

 >! See you guys in the New House !!!!

Title: Re: X10 and My House
Post by: Kramer Chins on May 07, 2009, 09:07:18 AM
>! Thanks to Brian and Bill I have added BVC and AlertDialer Plus.... Now just need to get them up in running !