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Title: Obscure Insteon Quirk/Bug!
Post by: Brian H on June 25, 2009, 04:43:57 PM
I recently found a quirk in my Insteon Modules that can render my system unresponsive.
The sequence of events must be in an exact order and only would effect users with both an
X10 Primary Address and an X10 Scene Address. Also if Murphy hadn't helped me generate
my Time Triggered Events in my older Smarthome 1132CU PLC. I would never have even seen this. If I had reversed my two commands in one time triggered event. It would not have happened.

Basically if an On or Off is sent to the Scene Address and the next X10 command is an
“All Units Off” to the House Code of the X10 Scene Address. All of my nine ApplianceLinc  Modules and SwitchLinc Relay units stop responding to any Insteon Commands. The problem can be cleared if any new X10 commands are sent.

My Rev. 1.3 ApplianceLinc Modules just don't respond. While the Rev 4.1 units chatter their load and then stay off. The SwitchLinc Relay Rev 2.1 module just ignores the command but pulses the load if the local On Paddle is pushed. No errors are generated from my ISY99i or error flashing LEDs from any RemoteLinc Remotes linked to the modules. A Diagnostic Scene Test to the modules flagged no errors. Also an On to 'My Lighting' showed all the modules On until a Query restored the Off status.

Tested with a few spare modules and controllers. Including a few LampLinc Modules. The older Rev. 2.6 just didn't respond, while a Rev. 4.3 pulsed the load and remained off.
Title: Re: Obscure Insteon Quirk/Bug!
Post by: Knightrider on June 25, 2009, 08:53:32 PM
Hey Brian,
Kudos to you!!!! It takes a lot of hard work to discover a bug like that  >! .  I'll bet the smarthome folks will be very interested.
I'm envious.  Finding a treasure like that is what I dream of doing someday.  It would be my guess that this has never been done before.  Congratulations!!!!
Title: Re: Obscure Insteon Quirk/Bug!
Post by: Brian H on June 27, 2009, 08:29:14 AM
Not too sure how interested they may be. It is a rare sequence and they tend to ignore such data or say they can't duplicate the problem. Must be the install.
I did get a contact from a Smarthome Representative.