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Title: Remote Arm/Disarm
Post by: PajamaGuy on December 11, 2009, 10:47:07 AM
Remote Arm/DisArm

It works – thanks to the info posted here, I have been able to configure my setup so that I can ARM, DisArm, and verify the system’s state from anywhere via my BlackBerry, or any PC with Internet connectivity.
Here’s how:

I soldered 2 pairs, from a 4-conductor wire to a KR10A, keychain remote that is installed into both my DS7000 console, and also into AHP’s On-Alert module. (as noted in other posts, On-Alert must be at 3.228 and NOT 3.236)
Those 2 pairs are connected to two UM506 Universal Modules.  Those 2 modules are plugged into a short extension cord which is plugged into an AM466 Appliance module.

The other hardware is a color camera mounted in a closet and aimed at the DS7000.

Just for background – I have 2 independent AHP systems.  One installed on a $5 yard-sale desktop running Windows XP and AHP 3.236 (all modules except On-Alert), and a VA12A – That system has its own CM15A and handles all video activities.

My second system is a Dell XPS 420, running Windows 7 and AHP 3.228, also with its own CM15A.  That system
handles the home automation. (all modules except iWitness)

I should mention that I also use one of Jeff Volp’s XTB-IIR’s, and WGL Designs V572RF32’s Whole House Tranceiver.

Both desktops are connected 24/7 to my DSL feed and both run LogMeIn.  Everything is on a UPS, which will hold the systems up for 30 minutes, and startup scripts fire the necessary software if/when the systems happen to reboot themselves.  If the DSL is down, I’m screwed, but timing macros check for connectivity every 30 minutes and will reset everyting upon reconnection.

By creating batch files (anyfile.bat), and using AHCMD.exe, I have 20+ batch files that fire macros.  I have OUTLOOK (I use 2010, but any email program that incorporates “Rules” which can trigger applications will work) up and running 24/7 and have it configured to Send/Receive every 5 minutes.

Therefore, by sending one of my email accounts an email with keywords in the subject line, I can fire any macro from anywhere.  I use a prefix for all commands that ensures nothing gets triggered by accident.  (e.g. “X10$7&6:ArmAway”, or “X10$7&6:SnapDeckCam-3”)

All of the above boils down to the ability to fire any macro within 5 minutes, from anywhere.

Since you can install DS7000 registered security remotes in AHP, and virtually fire them via macros to ARM the DS7000, one might ask why solder wires to operate a physical KR10A?  Te answer is because if you arm a DS7000 via an AHP command, AHP isn’t smart enough to change its state to “ARMED” – Jeez I hope they fix that!

The AM466 that powers the UM506’s is just a bit of insurance that neither will fire because of a stray command.  When the ArmAway macro fires, it first powers on the AM466 before sending the signal to one of the UM506’s – then it powers-OFF the AM466.  And for verification, via some FLAGS, Phantoms, and other macros, the actual state of AHP (Armed Away/Home, DisArmed) as well as a JPEG SnapShot of the DS7000 is emailed to me.

Maybe some day, X10 will interface the DS7000 with AHP, but for now, if I want to be sure my DS7000 is armed, I need an actual image of the armed light.

So when all systems are up and running, I can Arm or DisArm my system and get visual confirmation of its status usually within 5 or 6 minutes.
Title: Re: Remote Arm/Disarm
Post by: JMac on December 11, 2009, 11:35:36 AM
This is all helpful information.  I have done the soldering thingy myself, both on the keychain security remote and the normal security remote.  Just one caution, however, if the universal relay sticks "closed", then you end up with a firestorm of security signals resulting in an inop AHP.  How can we avoid this problem?
Title: Re: Remote Arm/Disarm
Post by: Mellowmark on December 11, 2009, 01:42:52 PM
Title: Re: Remote Arm/Disarm
Post by: Puck on December 11, 2009, 04:11:12 PM

Flags can prevent a macro from repeating, they cannot prevent a physical device's relay from sticking.
Title: Re: Remote Arm/Disarm
Post by: PajamaGuy on December 12, 2009, 07:25:14 AM
Sticking - Well (1) they haven't yet, (2) I actively sent them an OFF signal, (3) I actively un-power them, and most of all - this isn't a routine operation.  I have only used it when the other person inhabiting my domicile ( :') forgets to arm the system.

But thanks for the warning - I keep an eye on it and come up with a way to detect & resolve.
Title: Re: Remote Arm/Disarm
Post by: Puck on December 12, 2009, 11:19:42 AM
I actively un-power them

Just an FYI, from at least what I have seen of the X10 relay design, is they use a sliding actuator relay so that continuous power is not required to hold it in its current state. They require a temporary power signal to turn on and they also require it again to turn it back off. Just removing AC power from the unit will not cause the relay to turn to the off state. I believe this is why appliance modules remember their last state after a power failure.

I know you haven't experienced any problems so far, but you might want to make sure your Universal Module command to turn off does get the signal and sufficient time to process it before the appliance module removes its power.

If the Universal Module does work differently, I'm sure someone with more experience about them will correct my statements.
Title: Re: Remote Arm/Disarm
Post by: Brian H on December 12, 2009, 11:59:40 AM
I have not opened a UM506 but it sounds like the same relay as the appliance module.

Did a short test with UM506.
Momentary mode.
Turned it on and before it timed out. Turned off the power. The contacts stayed on as the relay was not mechanically set back to off.

Continuous mode the same. Power off while module is on. It stays on with loss of power.

Title: Re: Remote Arm/Disarm
Post by: JMac on December 12, 2009, 12:29:13 PM
My set up is somewhat similar to PJ's.  I send an OFF signal to the Universal (via macro) 5-7 seconds after activation of the Universal module relay.  This will help, but as stated a loss of power (or malfunction) will cause real problems.  PJ's method of DS7000 monitoring looks good.  Maybe we need to have color cameras checking that the keychain remote LED's are not flashing (?!)  Guys, I love messing around with this stuff !
Title: Re: Remote Arm/Disarm
Post by: PajamaGuy on December 13, 2009, 07:58:03 AM
Guys, I love messing around with this stuff !

Oooooooo, I got it!  -:)- The V572RF32 does transceive KR10A signals to any HC/UC you desire - in this case let's use K4.  So when the keychain fires, Phantom K4 flips on, sets a flag.  The ARMing macro flips K4 (and the FLAG) OFF, runs a delay, and fires MACRO K4 which is conditional on K4's flag.

Cheaper than a camera...