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Title: Universal module on momentary
Post by: dbemowsk on February 10, 2010, 07:13:30 AM
I had this posted in smart macros, but later felt it would be better listed in here.

AHP 3.236
If you are using a universal module set to momentary, AHP does not have a setting for this when choosing a universal module.  The workaround for this is simple.

Macro Name:
Universal module on M2.

Trigger & Conditions:
M2 on

Delay 3 seconds
Set M2 off (The universal module will already be off and will ignore this, but will set the module off in AHP)

Now when you turn your UM on for M2, it will simply turn itself off after 3 seconds.  This macro can make the universal module act as if in momentary mode when set to other modes also, so if you do not intend to have the module set for momentary, don't use this macro.

Simple but effective.

Dan Bemowski
Title: Re: Universal module on momentary
Post by: Brian H on February 10, 2010, 07:35:47 AM
Thank you for the good information.  >!
This macro can also be used for adding a variable momentary time, as the UM506 has a preset timeout. Set it to continuous and then the macro will turn it back off.

Helpfull from me.