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Title: Entertainment Anywhere?
Post by: mr.foutch on February 13, 2010, 09:40:53 PM
The description of the sender (transmitter) and receiver on this gizmo is innacurate. Input to the tranmitter is limited to 3 RCA jacks and an IR Ext. The receiver is equipped to "output" the signal to the TV with 3 RCA jacks and a composite video nipple. The description of the units included in trhis package is inaccurate (no "S" video socket on either the transmitter or receiver). Be prepared to dink around for a long time trying to hook these components to your PC if you don't own a Radio Shack or have the necessary adapters at hand. And also be advised that the transmitter operates at 240 Ghz, as does your DSL router (view Netflix over a modem connection?), and probably your cordless phone. This can sometimes be worked around by changing the channel that your router transmits over to either of channels 1,2,or 11. Ask an electrician why you shouldn't use any other channel. ' Course then you need to figure out how to get a video signal out of your computer and into the tranmitter. And get the sound from the 1/8"  stereo jack on your PC and into the transmitter via 2 RCA plugs. I (still) believe I can do these things. My cordless phones are 900hz. I'll keep you posted.