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Title: X10 Video Cameras
Post by: Duck69 on March 11, 2010, 09:33:03 AM
I received a message asking about X10 Video Camera Software for Mac.

Quote (edited) "Will the x 10 camera software work with a mac? I want to check on the house via internet.The official website said no,what do you say Duck? A cheap $ workaround I hope”.

No ! X10 does not make any software for Mac.

With that said. What type of camera’s are you planning to use ?
Wired or wireless ? With wired cameras you will get better video quality. With wireless you get flexibility but loose some video quality.
UVC (USB 2.0), Firewire, Ethernet, etc.  ?

For instance if you are planning on using X10 cameras

The X10 cameras takes care of capturing the video signal, and sending it to your Mac. But you still need some way to import the video into your Mac in a usable form. The X10 outputs an NTSC video suitable for a tv, vcr, etc.. Macs don't come with a "tv signal in" port, so you will need an adapter. You could use a NTSC-to-firewire adapter, but firewire is expensive high end video solution, NTSC to Ethernet converter/encoder (There is no difference between a video converter & a video encoder) & a DSL Modem or some such & can be much more expensive.
OR, NTSC to USB 2.0 which in my CHEAP opinion is the way to go.

Check out: