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Title: Active Home Pro & Window 7 64
Post by: tom j on June 05, 2010, 10:55:04 PM
Hi guys well decided after upgrading my 4 year old Gateway notebook with a new fast 5400 hard drive that well....... Now want a new 17 inch Gateway with a 7200rpm drive one that's is a true desktop replacement. Guess you just can't make some people happy.  ::)

Well my concern now is running some of my favorite 32 bit programs on my new 64 bit machine are there any known compatibility issues with AHP and Windows 7 64 bit sure hope not, but thought I better check here first. I know there's a work around with a 32 bit emulator but you have to have Windows 7 professional installed. Boy I tell you it's really a hassle moving everything from one hard drive to another I could have cloned the new one but I wanted a fresh start you know how your operating system can become corrupted over the years so I thought a fresh install would be the best route. Kind of like moving just takes a while to get everything moved and unpacked.  :( Thanks

Tom j.