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Title: AlertDialer installation problem
Post by: TenXman on June 18, 2010, 05:58:15 PM
AlertDialer installation problem

I am running XP Home Edition, .NET (version 4) Speech SDK5.1
I have tried installing and running the AlertDialer Basic version and the Standard version from the anglefire web site.
The download and install works, but neither program starts up.

I get a windows error message window with the message "Invalid Operation".

Has anyone else had this problem and/ or has a work around?

Maybe the software is no longer works with XP??

Title: Re: AlertDialer installation problem
Post by: Tuicemen on September 06, 2010, 04:16:52 PM
Sorry for the slow reply.
The program still works with XP.the issue most likely is net.
AlertDialer is a old program But I believe it even works on Windows 7 32 bit.
I think net 2 or 3 was used in its build so you'll need them sometimes the older versions of net get added when install the newest version but not always.
If they are installed they will show up in the add remove programs listing.
I tried playing with net 4 with BlueWatch and reverted to 3.5 as 4 beta cause a few start issues.