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Title: Good Night Macro
Post by: HA Dave on January 27, 2011, 05:05:09 PM
After Christmas decorations were put away and the house returned to normal... it was time to rearrange the furniture. My recliner easychair ended up at the front of the house near the windows. The windows make for lots of free light during the day... but at night when I turn my light off I also now have a long walk though a dark home at bedtime.

I put a small lamp that uses type B (small base) light bulbs on a Lamp Module (LM465). I put two 5 watt nightlight bulbs in the light sockets. Now I used a trick described in steven r's Redirected Command (http://forums.x10.com/index.php?topic=13873.0). So the lamp is on A3. But the macro trigger is F6. This was normally/originally done so as to fit different House address on a PalmPad of a different letter (house) address. In my case I am using one of the more recent (Icon) remotes with a full range of X10 RF addresses available.

If I want to turn the low light night light on (and leave it on) I merely turn On A3. But if I merely want light on for a brief period of time (like walking to bed) I turn On F6.

The Good Night Macro

Trigger: F6 (fake appliance module)
Delay 2 seconds.
Turn On A3 (absolute On 100%)
Delay 3 minutes
Turn Off A3 (absolute Off 100%)