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Title: 3 newbie questions
Post by: bigmac on March 17, 2011, 06:06:44 PM
Hardware: (just listing the basics I'm using with this problem)


1)  Is it OK to use the CM15 and the RR501 on the same house code? 
I was experiencing range problems even after adding a telescopic whip to the CM15, so I added an RR501, it has helped upstairs but not downstairs.

2)  Is it normal for the XPCR to be fairly warm to the touch?

3)  Macros....... maybe should be in a different post, but thought maybe someone might have a simple answer for my confusion (lack of knowledge!)  Anyhow, I made a simple macro to turn on a wallswitch when motion is detected, dim, shutoff ofter certain timeframe.

The macro runs fine when I force it manually, the motion sensor show activity and lights up the macro button ( on AHP screen) but does nothing.  I have the sensor and macro with the same addess.  Is this my problem?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Title: Re: 3 newbie questions
Post by: Dan Lawrence on March 17, 2011, 06:13:03 PM
You can but most times it's good to put them on a housecode with a Unit Number of 8 or 9.  That way it's not on a unit number used for a module so you don't turn on the outlet on the RR501.   That's what I did, my two RR501s are on A9 in our Living Room and F9 in the Breakfast Room. Both receive RF signals from a SS13A in each room at the door. 
Title: Re: 3 newbie questions
Post by: dave w on March 17, 2011, 06:20:00 PM
1. Yes, they are both "polite" so should not trample on each other like a TM751 might.
2. What is "fairly warm"? The XPCR uses a reactive power supply so it will disapate some heat. If it is working properly, does not smell, and would not burn your wrist if you did the baby milk test then is probably OK.
3. Can't help.
Title: Re: 3 newbie questions
Post by: bigmac on March 17, 2011, 07:00:48 PM
Dan and Dave, thank you for your responses.
I am correct in assigning the macro and sensor to the same address?