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Title: Posting on the forums
Post by: YB on August 26, 2011, 04:52:04 PM
Here is a few rules on these forums. This is a General AirPad board, and should be used for AirPad related topics. If you would like to talk about something else, we have other boards you may use.

Comparing the AirPad to other tablets is OK, but it is not OK to just say "this is the same one" or "this one is better" and link to a page to buy a different tablet. No, that does not mean we are going to stop you from making comparisons to better tablets, it means you have to point out reasons etc. On that note, if your going to make the comparison, you should have at least used both tablets you are comparing which would make it a review and should go in the AirPad review board.

The general board rules also applies here. No bashing, swearing, name calling, etc.