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Title: Do we "unmount" our USB thumb drive?
Post by: dreamerfb1 on September 29, 2011, 10:47:04 AM
OK, so the question is: HOW do we "unmount" our USB thumb drive??  I assume right
Now I must turn off Airpad, but you wrote "even when off Pad will 'talk' to thumbdrive, So I guess I'll just yank the drive out of the port and hope for the best.
Title: Re: Do we "unmount" our USB thumb drive?
Post by: everydayflyer on September 29, 2011, 11:27:00 AM
I read a post where a user stated his AP failed to shut down with a thumb drive connected however when I power mine down it does in fact power down complete and there is no power to the USB memory stick. One of my sticks has an LED on it which shows when it has power to it (solid Red) and when active, reading / writing  (flashes).

There may be some apps which prevent a normal shut down and the difference between Sleep mode and powered down (Off) perhaps can be confusing.

The normal reason for unmounting any external / addational memory device is to prevent damaging a file on it which may be open.  Years ago such issues caused file open errors but these days they just report such as files may be damaged. Windows PCs have a Unmount Icon in the bottom of screen tool bar which list atached devices and my guess is there is such an app for Droid OS also. Most tasks can be handled with the AP out of the box but some utilities (tools) are a bit hard to find.

Edit / second update:

I have now determined that the power to USB thumb drive is removed during the sleep mode which happens when the On/Off switch is toggeled. This based on the fact that my Data Stick Pro's LED is powered off during this sleep mode.
Title: Re: Do we "unmount" our USB thumb drive?
Post by: YB on October 03, 2011, 06:49:17 PM
The flash drives should be unmounted before pulling them out. In theory, as long as something isn't accessing the drive, it shouldn't do any harm to the drive or the AP. I am working on a way to unmount the drives now. I will post a link to the app as soon as it is available.
Title: Re: Do we "unmount" our USB thumb drive?
Post by: Dannykirk on October 14, 2011, 11:18:24 AM
MY USB lights up when in use. When you toggle the Airpad into sleep mode by pressing the button, the USB light will go out in about 10 seconds and then I remove it. This method seems to work with no problems. You will still see a usb error message on the notifications bar, but you can easily clear it. Also the ELAGO Nano mobile MICRO SD USB card reader is the best for the airpad. It installs into the Airpads USB and goes flush against the rim of the pad. Very cool. You can easily remove it to install into a PC to switch files etc.