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Title: How Do I Delete download?
Post by: MBL on October 28, 2011, 05:42:21 AM
Dear Forum:  Got my Airpad yesterday. Of course - like any kid on Xmas morning - I deliberately downloaded a certain e-book, which I need to delete. How can I do this?  I tried that thing where Airpad is supposed to erase all data on the device - it did not work.


Also, I connected it to my laptop thinking that it would allow me to "transfer some books I have on the laptop. Both devices showed the connection, but there was no way of "transferring" anything.

Reason why I bought the Airpad is to allow me to be "mobile" with my reading amoung other things.


Title: Re: How Do I Delete download?
Post by: bURrITo on October 28, 2011, 10:03:55 AM
Are you sure you reset the phone? That would wipe out everything except what is on the root of your flash memory.

When you connect to your laptop via USB did you swipe down to bring down the notification menu? You can swipe down by where the cell phone signal bars/battery meter and wifi connection status is. You should see the menu and then you just click on Select copy files to/from your computer and you will get the android robot and you just click on Turn on USB storage.

That will give you a removable drive in Windows and you can see what is on your device and copy and move stuff around. You can also use the built in Explorer app on your Airpad to browse the directories. It's easier to do on a PC but if you use the built in explorer click on Internal Memory and it would probably be in there or in a subdirectory in there. That is really the only place you can save.