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Title: Airpad x 10.2" mic issue
Post by: darkboatman on December 28, 2011, 02:18:01 AM
I received my airpad x and i am still sorting thru various issues. One in particular is the mic. I downloaded skype but cannot get the mic to work so i tried my iphone headset with mic and that wont work either. My guess is the jack is out only? Can anyone suggest a way to connect an external mic or way to increase sensitivity of built in mic? Type of external mic to use? Seems to me having the mic and reset button in same place is extremely problematic. Given there is no blue tooth ya would think a std set of headphones with mic would have been built into the design? Maybe i am missing something? Help!
Title: Re: Airpad x 10.2" mic issue
Post by: Tesla on December 28, 2011, 08:15:33 PM
I reported this about the original 7" AirPad.


Either it was ignored, or X10 has very little involvement in the design of these AirPads.

Title: Re: Airpad x 10.2" mic issue
Post by: dave w on December 28, 2011, 09:05:16 PM
Either it was ignored, or X10 has very little involvement in the design of these AirPads.
I think you are right Nickola, I think all the Airpads are generic Chinese, pretty much off - the - shelf.
Title: Re: Airpad x 10.2" mic issue
Post by: darkboatman on December 30, 2011, 09:12:56 PM
Well I have invested as much time as I can on this 10.2" Airpad X. Concept was great but quality and design needs some serious work. Sensors on the tablet are messed up to say the least. Every time I would scroll the pad it would drop down the notification bar. 3 Calibrations later the touch screen seemed to work properly. Except that the tablet randomly shuts off depending how you orient it? In addition I discovered that if you happen to be holding the pad anywhere on the top when it is in Landscape position and you squeeze top of tablet it shuts the tablet off. Since a user would often grab the tablet between forefinger and middle fingers and gently squeeze to hold onto the tablet this could be a real issue. Tablet obviously has something wrong. In addition to that I discovered that when plugged in it seems to randomly start up as well. Also had a look at the power cord and the jack appears like they did not properly mold the plastic far enough down the jack so when you plug it in it always looks like you didn't press it in far enough. I speculate that in the wrong hands someone may want to force this in thinking it did not plug in all the way. That would be a shame.  It is really cheap looking (Power cord). Having been in many factories in China and having contracted various cable assemblies this thing just does not look like the over molding was done properly and in fact there was even flash left on the plastic which had not been cleaned off. I am guessing this power supply probably goes for < $1.00.  Tablet looks good and would probably make a good doorstop if there was an accessory to prop it up and that is about it. I requested an RMA and received one within 24hrs. By the way even if it is defective you have to pay return shipping and oh yeah by the way ya better use Fedex or UPS and insure it ..X10 warns you. So I am not asking for replacement as this first one was such a disappointment. These to me seem like design flaws not just quality issues so I would not have any confidence in a replacement being any different. I would love to hear from someone that has received one of these and can state they have had none of the issues I have. But I think these are design flaws not just quality assembly issues and perhaps all users/owners are experiencing same issues as me. I liked the idea of various connections/interfaces, expansion capability and look etc.  Oh one last comment. I actually used a Kindle Fire side by side with this and ran some movies just to see ease of use and quality of picture and the Kindle Fire blew the tablet away. It loaded the movie flawlessly and the quality was incredible. This X tablet seemed to have issues with the wifi connection no matter where I was and the quality of the picture just did not compare to Kindle Fire. Never did get the mic working on the X tablet which again makes it kinda useless as I wanted to use it with Skype. I will report later how much shipping was and how long it took before refund stay tuned.
Title: Re: Airpad x 10.2" mic issue
Post by: Tesla on December 30, 2011, 10:06:25 PM
Sorry to hear the new AirPads are not better than the first one I had (original 7" model).

The whole experience costed me lots of time (testing, researching, and reporting problems) and $30 ($20 non-refundable shipping and $10 to ship it back). Actually, I wouldn't have minded the time spent if I could have kept it.

I did finally get my refund though. The first (and probably the last) time I ever bought anything from X-10.