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Title: Troubleshooting XX20 Nightwatch no picture
Post by: captainjerky on March 02, 2012, 03:37:48 PM
Hey again all-

So, I had to reinstall Activehome and everything along with it on yet another PC.  This is my third one.  AHP corrupted and crashed out on my first one, and nothing I could do would bring it back.  Since I didn't want to format the hard drive, I moved on to a laptop.  Eventually, that laptop got so bogged down with AHP that I gave up on it, too, and built a PC out of decent parts only for the purpose of running this buggy crapware.  Since I'm stuck with it because of all the money I've dumped in, I need to keep it running.
So, now AHP is running and my plugins are installed.  Drivers are loaded, downloaded AHP and all the plugins from x10's website, CM-15A is communicating, VA-12 shows up, everything should be great.  However, I get a black screen when I scan my cameras.  They're switching, and the program is running, but I get no video.  I've tried unplugging the plug as well as the unit, but no dice.  I was wondering what other standard troubleshooting I can try.  I made no hardware changes to the cameras, so the units themselves shouldn't be a problem.  I have a good video card, and I can play video from youtube, so I doubt there's a driver issue. 
Any suggestions?   Maybe a great coupon code for Homeseer?