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Title: No tilt in PTZ Pro
Post by: darkstarz on April 15, 2012, 11:05:16 AM
   Just got the PTZ Pro cam the other day, and am not very happy. The picture quality and such is great, as Ihave the other 2 Airsight cam's as well and I am impressed with the pic quality, and their overall quality really.
  My problem with this PTZ Pro is that it is not going the full direction / distance for the pan & tilt function. The cam is looking down at the ground and at most I can get it to come up about 3-4 inches tops. I can get it to pan left to right ok, but even that seems a bit, difficult to do using the web interface for that.
   It almost looks like there is some kind of foam insulation inside the dome to be honest, but not sure how to take it apart to see what it really is I'm looking at.