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Title: Power Line only Switchlincs Discontinued.
Post by: Brian H on July 03, 2012, 07:00:43 AM
I am not too sure how many users here are using the SwitchLinc 2476S and 2476D models with an added X10 address.
Smarthome has announced both are discontinued and only the 2477D and 2477S Dual Band models are going to be available.

Note. Both the 2477S and 2477D are larger to accommodate the added electronics.
The 2477S being rated at 17 amps. Also uses a #12 Line; Load and ground wire. Making it a tough bending of the leads to fit inside the switch boxes.

Part of an email on the release of the new Dual band 2477S SwitchLinc Relay.

Announcement to INSTEON Customers:
Dual-Band SwitchLincs to Replace Powerline-Only Versions
In an effort to offer our customers the fastest, most reliable remote control performance possible, we have stopped manufacturing our powerline-only SwitchLinc models (2476D and 2476S) in favor of their dual-band counterparts (2477D and 2477S). INSTEON dual-band communication occurs both over powerline and radio frequency simultaneously, increasing speed, network strength and overall reliability. This will provide you with the best possible experience if you are expanding your system