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Title: 0 bit emails from IWatchMobilePro
Post by: g1956j on October 20, 2012, 10:32:08 AM
I just purchased the IWatchMobilePro and am trying to reinstall my AHP.

AHP kept crashing until I got some help from Tech Support, (a week later and two different Techs), it still crashes but I did get all my software to install and register.

But when I use the 'invite a cell phone' option in IWatchMobilePro it send the email but the attachments are 0 bit, (contain no info), but it is sending an email.

I am also getting the same thing (0 bit attachments), using I Watch from AHP.

Can anyone help me with this, (the email thing - I am still working with tech support on the crashing isues - probably for another month or so)?

Thanks in advance,GJ