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Title: Vista driver problem?
Post by: kk on October 28, 2012, 03:18:28 PM
Sorry if this has been here before, as I've been out of the loop for a bit, but I've glanced at the forums for probably a couple of years and haven't specifically seen an answer, at least not one that jumped out at me.  I am running 5 wireless cameras, a VA12A, and AHP 3.236 with Vista.  I had at one time upgraded to a newer version of AHP, but it caused video problems (I don't even remember specifically what, but I know it was a very popular problem), so I reverted back to the most stable version at the time (that didn't cause the video problems).  My problem is this:  The only way to get my cameras to show up and be able to broadcast them on a web page is to first open AHP, immediately close it and then start my webcam page.  After that, everything works fine.  I tried downloading the (newer I guess) Windows drivers and ended up with a mess, so I did a restore back to where I had been.  It's not that this is a huge deal, but it is annoying because I have the computer set to automatically come on in the morning and then to start the web page.  I have to have a script to start AHP. close it, etc.  Has anyone run into this, any of you who frequent the boards almost daily?