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Title: 2 way comm with audio/video
Post by: cking2600 on November 30, 2012, 10:27:39 PM
I am considering starting a home automation project. My main concern is the audio/video turn on/off sequence getting out of synch.
I want to control the turn on/off via a wifi enabled device (PC, tablet, phone, etc...). I figure I would use some sort of IR transmitter to pass the code for each device. The problem is I want to read the current state of the device, before I send it a signal. If the TV is already on, I don't want it to turn off. When the controller runs through it's turn on sequence, it should see that the TV is already on, and skip that step.
I know that a device will manually get turned off or on, so I would like a smart startup sequence.
Is there any device I could use to accomplish this? I read somewhere that there was a current sensor that could tell the controller that a device is on or off. I just can't seem to find that post again.
Thanks for any insight.