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Title: RF control of X10 using Pronto, MX3000, ????
Post by: dhouston on January 31, 2013, 07:26:05 AM
Most high-end IR controllers like the Pronto TSU3000 (and other Pronto models) and MX3000 have optional RF extenders. In N. America those I'm familiar with use 418MHz for the RF.

It just dawned on me that one could replace the RF receiver daughterboard in the newer versions of the TM751 with a tunable RF receiver module (e.g. RM1SG) and have direct RF control of X10 from these remotes. It depends on whether the TM751 will be bothered by the address bits that the remotes prepend to RF codes to identify the target extender. For an example, see the last screenshot at...

If feasible, I can design a 418MHz version of...