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Title: X10 XX34A Airsight IP Camera with Foscam Pro IPhone App
Post by: dvckids on March 22, 2013, 03:08:39 PM
I goggled and searched and maybe others know this already so sorry if you do. When using the Foscam Pro IPhone App I tried to use the IR on and off buttons but learned the XX34A Airsight has the IR on all the time and can't be turned off. Anyway I kept hearing a relay picking up when I tried to turn the IR on and off. I knew the  XX34A Airsight had 1 input and one output. The output is for the alarm. So I put a ohm meter on the alarm outout terminals and when I hit IR off on the Foscam Pro IPhone App the contacts for the alarm closed. When I hit IR on the contacts opened. This is very useful because now I don't need a computer on to remotely turn on my garage door. I have been meaning to put a camera on the garage door so if I shut it remotely I can make sure no one is in the way. So now I can see and control my door remotely without my XP computer on.