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Title: ThinClients / Low Power PC's
Post by: soxfan1966 on April 08, 2013, 09:24:21 PM
I currently have my home automation software (ActiveHome Pro, etc) running on an HP ThinClient.  For those unfamiliar with those devices, they are low power pc's that run Windows XP Embedded (or Linux) that use low power - mostly due to the limited hardware they are running.

I have been able to get ActiveHome Pro up and running reliably on this and have been working with a few other folks trying to get some other software up and running on them as well (those of you familiar with PCC or T.A.C. from Tuicemen can check out our efforts there).

I wanted to post something over on this forum in case there were folks who were interested in the ThinClient concept and had some ideas or questions they could share with us...
Title: Re: ThinClients / Low Power PC's
Post by: Tuicemen on April 09, 2013, 07:58:45 PM
It sure would be nice to hear from others using Thin Clients even if they didn't use AHP or the AHPSDK.
As I'm new to using the Embedded OS any tips or tricks could come in handy.
I've always been interested in low power PCs as my cottage is totally off grid and runs on solar.
This things use a fraction of the power and take up a fraction of the space.
Recently I discovered an Android mini PC sure AHP can't run on it but I can network it to a Thin Client.
Notice the size difference compared to a mid tower PC in the background
Title: Re: ThinClients / Low Power PC's
Post by: bkenobi on April 15, 2013, 12:04:08 PM
I wonder if an Android smartphone would be powerful enough to run this stuff?  Those are pretty cheap to pick up (if you don't have an old one of course).  Now that would be a thin client!  Tiny and very low power.  Even includes a decent screen and you don't need space for a mouse pad.   8)
Title: Re: ThinClients / Low Power PC's
Post by: Tuicemen on April 15, 2013, 03:54:47 PM
I'm sure most of the newer smartphones are more then powerful enough to run a Home Automation setup from.
Heck they're more powerful then my first PC I did did HA with.
Drivers for the hardware is what is lacking.
Until we get drivers android devices need to use wifi to talk to a PC to send X10 info.
However with the new wifi enabled lights, outlets, thermostats, and other stuff the writing maybe on the wall for X10 stuff anyways.
Title: Re: ThinClients / Low Power PC's
Post by: kenrad on April 15, 2013, 09:55:49 PM
I completely agree Tuicemen,  IF x10 doesn't start to update drivers they are going to start to fall by the wayside.  I would be really great if they would develop drivers for android. 

COULD YOU IMAGINE TAC directly controlling the automation system.  Think of the energy savings  :'

 >!  Ken
Title: Re: ThinClients / Low Power PC's
Post by: Tuicemen on April 04, 2014, 05:08:30 PM
Although the older thin clients were limited to running windows embedded the newer models aren't.
In fact some of the older units could be modified replacing the ram drive with a hard drive or better a SSD (solid state drive).
This allows a full windows install and since XP is now not supported by Microsoft you can install windows 7 and if it will handle 2 gigs of memory Windows 8.

Recently I was able to snag an Asus Eee Box B202  (http://tuicemen.com/forum/index.php?topic=765.msg4313#msg4313)off E-bay for cheaper then my Thin Client.
This came with 1 gig and a 80 gig hard drive and XP Pro SP3 .
And believe it or not it is smaller then my Thin Client.