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Title: Holy Shipping Charges BATMAN
Post by: richy2 on April 29, 2013, 09:13:59 AM
Riddle Me This X-Cam

What is $18.28 -$10.23?
That's the difference between the

AirSight SD H.264 WideEye IP Camera ($10.23)


AirSight Wireless IP Camera ($18.28)

But guess what....if you order them both the shipping charges is only 13.02

Has X10 been smoking Catwoman's CatNip? Is this one of the Jokers mad schemes....Could Mr. Freeze be giving customers the cold shoulder. Is Harvey (two-faced) Dent tryin to get in our pocketbooks. Heads you know... Tails you don' t ( flips 2 headed coin )

Find out next week Same Bat Time....Same Bat Channel