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Title: X10 working with Vera Controller
Post by: Jaz3340 on September 08, 2015, 08:35:35 PM
I just purchased a Vera Lite, after I just purchased a Wink. Most of my house is using the X-10 system, well that leaves Wink out. I started to read about how the Vera system will work with the x10, all I needed to do was purchase a Insteon Model 2313U (amazon $80.00), with the Vera (amazon $104.00) so I did. Before the units arrived I contacted Vera Customer support asking how to marry the Insteon with the Vera, well Marc from Vera customer support contacted me on the day both unites arrived in the mail.
 I created an account with Vera and set it up.  Marc said plug your 2413U into the USB slot on the Vera, plug it in to the wall socket, then go to the main menu of Vera to Devices, Add a device, Insteon Devices, hit the set button on the side of the 2413u, then BAM, my X10 was working, all I had to do was reenter my x10 units into the Vera and I was up and running in 10 mins. PIECE OF CAKE!!!! the only draw back is if you change state of a switch at the site, it will not show on the Vera system, but if you ask the Vera to change the state of the X10 device, it shows on the Vera screen, no big deal.
If you have any problems, Vera trouble can be viewed on Youtube, or email Marc.

This is a must buy for upgrading your X10 to zwave, you can take your time replacing the x10 with zwave and still have your house automated, saves BIG money!!

Title: Re: X10 working with Vera Controller
Post by: Brian H on September 09, 2015, 05:58:28 AM
Thank you for sharing your automation setup.
Not seeing X10 local changes would be normal. X10 devices except controllers and two way types; don't send X10 power line commands on local changes.