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Title: AHP and SC1200
Post by: racerfern on December 08, 2015, 06:20:12 PM
I have AHP with OnAlert plugin and I'm trying to get AHP to see the SC1200 and various DS12A sensors. I do have a RR501 on "B" the same as the SC1200 and "9" same as the SC1200. I seem to be missing something, not sure where.

Separately, if I have the DS12A in my hand at the PC it is easily added. Yet on the other side of the house even with the RR501 close by, I still can't see any door sensors. Suggestions? I also have a TM751 that is not plugged in but it seems the RR501 as a transceiver should do the trick.


Title: Re: AHP and SC1200
Post by: Brian H on December 08, 2015, 07:02:50 PM
The RR501 and TM751 will do nothing for Security Sensors. As the RR501 and TM751 only process standard X10 RF commands not the RF security commands.

The SC1200 has to be in RF receiving range for it to process Security Sensors.

Same for the CM15A. It has to be in RF range of the Security Sensors and the SC1200 if you also want to control it.
That is why you had no problem next to the CM15A. It was in RF range of the DS12A you where testing.

There is a thread here on the new SR751. I believe it will repeat Security and regular X10 RF commands. It may help.