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Title: Airsight XX51A review (2017)
Post by: Tuicemen on March 19, 2017, 06:19:19 PM
I've only had this Indoor camera a few weeks however so far I'm impressed with its performance.
This was the best packaged camera I received from anywhere!  :)%
Setup was the most difficult of any camera I've owned B:( :(
The X10 camera app will not display it nor will the client software which came with it (though they see it)  ::) , however neither I liked to begin with.  ::) The Onboard software performs well which is what I'd use or my own anyways
I believe that maybe the firmware was updated on this prior to the software and app being updated as the codes for Airsight cameras I have don't work for it :( That's not to say I didn't discover them or at least the viewing ones. ;)
Color and crispness of the picture are very good as is the night vision.
I find it slow to boot up from a complete power down but that's not something I'm worried about Foscam boot up takes about half as long.
I'll add to this thread after I've put it threw a good work out.