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Title: X10 SmartThings Cloud Hub?
Post by: Tuicemen on December 23, 2017, 09:15:14 AM
While attempting to get some type of X10 automation working with my Google mini I started playing more with the SmartThings Cloud.
Sure it can be done with IFTTT but it is a bit of a pain to configure each device in my setup and do it for both on and off then again if you want to dim.
With the SmartThings cloud you just setup the device name and address, SmartThings looks after the on/off code once you've added a device handler.
YA, I only got the on/off part figured out so far :-[
I've got a simple server created that handles get calls from SmartThings, interestingly my server works with IFFT too. :)%
Like IFTTT it will work for Alexa, Google Home and should work with Cortana too( though I can't currently test Cortana. :( )
Title: Re: X10 SmartThings Cloud Hub?
Post by: Tuicemen on December 26, 2017, 10:46:04 AM
I have a RC build ready for anyone wishing to use this simple TCP app (SmartCloud) .
It will work with the SmartThings cloud which makes devices controllable in there app or skills for Alexa, Google Home or Cortana.
It will also work with IFTTT though I don't have a Tutorial written up yet for using SmartCloud with it.
This is not a JAVA Program! it is written in VB.net
Originally I started this just to expand Alex10 to Google Home users but you can use this with PcCompanion or as a stand alone application.
99% of the setup is done on the cloud either in the Samsung SmartThings Cloud or IFTTT the app its self is 34 kb so it has a very small foot print.
Control of x10 devices is extremely fast and the light activated via Alexa or google usually is on before I get the OK response.
However I suspect this will vary depending on ones internet connection speed. ::) :'
I have a very detailed tutorial setup on my forum for setting up with SmartThings(may be to much detail ::) :').
I reads like it is a very complicated process when in fact it isn't.
http://forums.tuicemen.net/index.php?topic=1219.0 Since SmartCloud is just in the RC build it is only available via a PM or email request.
Since I've added AHP SDK to this I started a thread there and will lock this one.