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Title: Compairing HA Phone apps
Post by: Tuicemen on January 22, 2018, 08:21:46 AM
I don't have many HA apps manly because I don't have many hubs.
what I'm looking for from other users is a comparison of AH apps they have with the X10WIFI app
It doesn't matter if they don't control X10.

SmartThings app

No, I don't have a smartthings HUB so no questions about it please!
However I do control X10 with the app just not with the WM100. ;)
The X10WIFI app has lots of similarities to the SmartThings app.
The SmartThings app has many more options but it has had the time to grow and the X10Wifi app designer may be able to use this app as a guide for improvements.
This has some of the things users are hoping to see in the WiFi app

1: Configurable for use with many (SmartThing) hubs and the ability to name each.
2: Rearranging of devices(things), rooms, and scenes as well it can reorder of devices in each rooms
3: Skills, for Alexa, Google and Cortana
4: Automation ,Smartthings calls these Routines which are basicaly scenes that have a trigger
However the X10Wifi scenes are better, Smartthings has no delays in neither the scenes or routines :o

Title: Re: Compairing HA Phone apps
Post by: Tuicemen on January 22, 2018, 09:54:29 AM
RM Broadlink apps (IHC & eControl)
I use these for X10 and other RF/IR control
I grouped this together as they are for the same device and from the manufacture.
the IHC app is basically an extention of the econtrol app.

Both these apps are a bit difficult to get figured out (maybe just me.) ::) :'
However they both have a nice layout once setup as you can add images to rooms and devices as with the SmartThings app
This is what they have that users currently want from the X10 app:
1: The only thing both these have that the X10Wifi app doesn't is the ability to connect to multiple (Broadlink) Hubs
2: The IHC app does have a Alexa skill but it is limited to IR control and you need to configure all those as TVs ::) :'

The scenes are no better then the X10WIFI in fact the X10 WIFI may be better when it comes to scenes as you can stop them.
The only organization of devices is in rooms (IHC) and you can't move (rearrange) them around
These have been around longer then the X10 WIFI though the IHC only by a few months so one would have expected them to be a bit more feature rich then they are.