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Title: SOFTWARE Loses track of Rooms
Post by: michaelbushell on June 09, 2018, 09:12:38 PM
One of the worst things an application can do is to destroy or corrupt your data without a soft reconstruct/edit capability.

We all know that this product s a great idea, and we all know that defects are sometimes difficult to quickly replace.

But TIME marches on and there gets to a point where the Developer needs to recognize that it's time to spend the bucks and make the repairs.

Now I don't know what relationship these app developers have with Apple, but let me say here that this App is not responsive (i.e. issuing updates) as it is expected  in order to maintain a level of minimum quality, and if they cannot, Apple should read them the RIOT ACT. This is not tolerable.

At this point my recommendation to all of your who are considering this product to not spend the bucks until this is truly more reliable. As it was, as currently delivered, this is half of a product. It cannot be relied on. My suggestion is to spend no more effort than you think your $100 commitment has been until AUTHinq comes across with a decent functional and reliable upgrade. Believe me, I have spent months with it and it was nice and convenient (not irrreplaceable however). But when your assignments and correspondences of room and devices get corrupted and there's no other way but starting over, one begins to wonder why you ever started up with these guys.

I'm talking to all you potential users and to AUTHINQ. AND APPLE. FIX IT or DUMP IT.
Title: Re: SOFTWARE Loses track of Rooms
Post by: Tuicemen on June 10, 2018, 03:12:56 AM
Your rooms and your configuration is on the WM100.
if your app fails you should be able to restore your apps settings by going into settings and reset to factory.
Once reset connect to an existing hub (not new hub) follow instructions and all settings will be restored from the hub.

Apple has no bearing on when or even if an app is updated by the developer.
However I'm told they do say when the app can get posted int heir apps store, as this is the issue now I'm told.
Title: Re: SOFTWARE Loses track of Rooms
Post by: michaelbushell on June 10, 2018, 08:19:36 AM
Per your recommendation, I resync'ed to the hub using the QR (which still does not work on my iPad anymore),  then checked on my configuration. I lost a couple of rooms but as you suggested, I RESET factory settings.  Unfortunately, I found that I lost most of my devices too and the few rooms I had were mostly empty.

Unless you have more magic, I believe I will have to repopulate the hub with my devices and rooms.

My fear is that remains of my past configuration remain in the hub and it will not allow me to add 'redundant' devices.

This is just terrible.
Title: Re: SOFTWARE Loses track of Rooms
Post by: Tuicemen on June 10, 2018, 08:26:19 AM
There is a procedure to wipe the HUB (reset it to factory) the steps are outlined in the manual.
Before you do that uninstall the app then reinstall use the same procedure on setup tell it to connect to an existing hub.