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Title: Wm100 & 2466DW toggle link
Post by: bubbah on September 24, 2018, 12:10:23 PM
2466DW toggle link (dimming) is an insteon product that can be set up as an x10 device. I have this and wm100 sometimes causes it to begin flashing and as such is unresponsive to commands ...finally, if I delete the device in the x10 app and enter it again as a non-lighting source and issue the "off" command and it functions again locally or by x10 palm pad ...what to do? I have 23 other x10 devices working fine with the wm100 (finally, so far, fingers crossed)... some advice please !! -:)
Title: Re: Wm100 & 2466DW toggle link
Post by: Brian H on September 24, 2018, 04:12:22 PM
Smarthome devices used "preset Dim" and standard "Dim" commands.
X10 brand, Leviton, and other manufacturers conform to a "newer" X10 standard that uses "extended code Direct Dim" and standard "Dim" commands.

I don't have a WM100 but if it is sending extended code Direct Dim commands. Maybe the 2466DW and other Insteon dimmers with an X10 address maybe getting confused. Or if the 2466DW is sending a Preset Dim back to the WM100 when the local controls dim it. It maybe getting confused.

Here is a test 2876DB Icon Dimmer with a C1 address in it. 1132CU interface with Smarthome Manager Essentials software.

Since they are two way. Local paddle changes are sent back on the power lines.
On and Off send an X10 On or Off. Dim with the paddle and the X10 command of a Preset Dim is sent.
R: C1 - 3:56:12 PM 9/24/2018
R: COn - 3:56:12 PM 9/24/2018
R: C1 - 3:56:18 PM 9/24/2018
R: COff - 3:56:18 PM 9/24/2018
R: C1 - 3:56:22 PM 9/24/2018
R: 35% Preset Dim 3:56:22 PM 9/24/2018
Status request when at a dim level is a On and then a Preset Dim level.
T: C1 - 3:56:41 PM 9/24/2018
T: CStatus Request - 3:56:43 PM 9/24/2018
R: C1 - 3:56:44 PM 9/24/2018
R: CStatus=On - 3:56:44 PM 9/24/2018
R: C1 - 3:56:45 PM 9/24/2018
R: 35% Preset Dim 3:56:45 PM 9/24/2018
Title: Re: Wm100 & 2466DW toggle link
Post by: bubbah on October 03, 2018, 12:43:04 PM
Thank you for the detailed reply waaay above my pay grade. The toggle link has a maneuver to set up as x10 device and I works like that for years including via wireless module and palm pad. With wm100 the blinking emerged after it functioned fine prior for a few weeks. Now the sole solution is to delete the device from the wm100 and after a few cycles on/off with the palm pad, it resumes function normally. I see nothing else to try.
Title: Re: Wm100 & 2466DW toggle link
Post by: Brian H on October 03, 2018, 04:10:41 PM
Have you tried a power cycle reset on the 2466DW when it is acting strange?
You can pull the Air Gap Switch by pulling out the Set Button. Wait maybe thirty seconds and then pushing it back to its normal position. That cycles the power to the 2466DW. If it is confused that may correct the issue. Even if temporary.

Just don't push the Set Button past its normal position or you will do a Factory Reset on the 2466DW. That would remove all settings in it like it was factory fresh.

You could also turn the breaker off and back on for the circuit the 2466DW is powered by.