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Title: Alexa Hub
Post by: alzy on December 29, 2018, 06:12:54 AM
On  cm19a capable Pi.
Title: Re: Alexa Hub
Post by: Tuicemen on January 09, 2019, 08:56:42 AM
 :o this basically is that.  ::) :'
It also works with a CM19 tweaking so it performs to the end users expectations is up to the end user.

I believe why some may be having issues is two fold
1: the knock off Pis that are now on the market and just not up to spec.which create issues with Ha-bridge running on the same Pi
2:Users unable to understand how to setup HA-Bridge

Several users have reported no issues with this running on a Pi ZeroW with a CM19 if this was an problem we would see no success stories.
There are a few options for users having difficulty with Alexa and HG.
1: Unintall or disable HA-Bridge from the PiX10Hub and grab another PI ZeroW from it simply install HA-Bridge and have the calls routed to the IP of the PiX10Hub.
2: Unintall HA-Bridge from the PiX10Hub and attempt to install the user created HomegenieEchoBridge interface.
3: Wait for PiX10Hub 1.2 it will have the HomegenieEchoBridge interface preinstalled.
4: Continue to plug away with HA-Bridge script calls

Title: Re: Alexa Hub
Post by: Tuicemen on February 05, 2019, 06:00:42 PM
I have an Alexa Pi Hub image for those not wishing any Automation just Alexa control (no HomeGenie)
This works on Pi Zero W and 3B+ boards and may work on other Pi Boards.
If anyone would like to test on a different Pi board then already mentioned Please PM me and I'll send you a link.
This is currently in beta testing as I'm unable to play with other Pi boards or the dimming functions.
Besides working with the CM19 it also works with a cm15
Title: Re: Alexa Hub
Post by: Tuicemen on February 17, 2019, 09:54:49 AM
I've release the Alexa Hub image for those interested in just Alexa control (no automation)
This only works with a Cm19 or Cm15.
I don't personaly use this and didn't create any of the software on the image. I merely created the simple to use image and scripts to install. So I can only help with the install process which should be straight forward (as long as your mind is clear).
Since there was very little interest from this forums members the download link is on my forum.