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Title: Help setting up a Scene
Post by: soxfan1966 on May 03, 2019, 03:22:18 PM
I think the term scene is what I am trying to use here.

I leave for work each morning from Mon thru Fri, holidays excluded, at about 445am.  So it is still dark out, even in the summer.

What I have been doing is:

then when I get down my drive way and to the street, I turn each o those things off.

I have been doing this from my phone using the HomeGenie App.

What I want to do is have a program / scene that does all of this for me with the touch of a button or a trigger based on time of day / day of week.

Since I do not always leave at the same time, but rather around the same time, I would like to do one of the following:

1) When I manually turn off the kitchen light, turn on the back deck and drive way lights, wait 5 minutes then turn them off.  But that should only happen Mon-Fri and when its still dark out and when its before 5am.

2) Have a button defined in HG that appears in the App that I can click and then trigger the same action (turn 2 lights on, wait 5 minutes, then turn 3 lights off).

I can give it another whirl but I'm struggling with the part about putting it all together like that.


Title: Re: Help setting up a Scene
Post by: SkipWX10 on May 03, 2019, 04:38:14 PM
I don't have HG but have a scene in the WM100 app that does exactly what you are attempting when I take my dog out at night...

I don't always take her out at the same time so i set up a scene to turn lights on one minute after I launch the scene and then turn them off 15 minutes after they come on.

How it's set up is within the 'scene' setup I chose the device numbers and loaded them in the scene, then I modified each device (need to do each device individually in WM100 app, don't know about HG) to delay 1 minute and then 'ON'.

I then loaded each device again and chose 'OFF' and set a 16 minute delay (again, not sure of HG, but in WM100 you need to load each device twice, once for on and once for off)

So, what happens when I press 'ON' for the scene, is one minute later, the devices go on and 15 minutes after that they go off.

Hope this help in some way!
Title: Re: Help setting up a Scene
Post by: soxfan1966 on May 04, 2019, 04:55:22 PM
So this was actually easier that I thought.  I created a new HG Program under the Lights category called "Leave For Work".  There is currently no trigger code since I want to do that manually.

The Program Code turns on the Back Deck Light and the Lap Post (which includes some driveway lights), pauses for 10 minutes, then turns them off.

On the app, I added the new Program I created - was confused at first because it was not showing up on the main display but it does under the Programs from the menu or the drop down in the upper right corner.

Title: Re: Help setting up a Scene
Post by: Tuicemen on May 06, 2019, 07:13:30 AM
Glad you figured it out.
did you use the built in macro recorder creating a wizard script or did you write your own script/program from scratch?
Perhaps you can post your program in the user created scripts section so others can benefit from this.
Title: Re: Help setting up a Scene
Post by: soxfan1966 on May 11, 2019, 10:24:37 AM
Been busy at work and with getting some yard work done, in addition to things around the house.  My in-laws are coming for a visit for a few weeks so will get back to this and post what I came up with when I get a chance.  Just wanted to let you know I saw you suggestion and will follow up when I get a chance.  Thanks :)