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Title: Program to send x10 RF directly from HG
Post by: mike on May 07, 2019, 11:28:33 AM
I had been using HA-bridge to have HG send RF commands:  still do to send security (keyfob) commands.

I have a nontrustworthy DSL modem/router that tends to lock up once a day.  Both are powered thru a UPS plugged into an X10 wall filter, so I have to also plug into the UPS an TM751 transceiver in order to get x10 commands where I can turn on/off the modem/router.  I set this to A house code so its plug turns on and off with A1 command.  This is located near my cm15 but 1000ft from my home (recliner in front of TV :) )where I want to be able to cycle power when needed.  So I cannot send A1 off/on but need to send PL command instead.

So this program triggers on A15 OFF (either PL or RF).  It then turns A1 off, waits 5 seconds, then turns A1 on again.  From old habit of X10 unreliability I send A1 OFF 2x and A1 ON 2x... 

I did not study the sendRF protocol enough to figure out how to send english word command for A1 OFF:  I tried A1 OFF,  A1.OFF before just giving up and using the rf code itself as reported by HG's "X10 RF" module.

Of course to IMPORT this into HG, change the .txt end to .hgx

Works like a champ!
Title: Re: Program to send x10 RF directly from HG
Post by: Tuicemen on May 07, 2019, 02:33:21 PM
Nice little wizard script mike!
 I don't believe Gene added the ability to use the English word commands for sending RF
there are a vast number of RF codes (far more then PLC) I put together and posted a simple light hex code text file here http://forums.x10.com/index.php?topic=30756.msg179285#msg179285 users can refer to it for other standard RF raw code.