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Title: XX62A SD card capable?
Post by: Tuicemen on July 22, 2019, 04:22:22 PM
A few days ago I noticed x10 had introduced a new outdoor Airsight camera which is white and much smaller then older models. Going over the specs I noticed it appeared to suggest it had The ability to record to a SD card but there was no direct mention of it nor did it state it came with one. ::) :'
I fired off an email asking for some clarification and to see if future Airsight cameras would be white or possibly a color option.
The option to offer a color choice is being looked at. The color of the XX62A  was not specified to the manufacture thats just what was produced.
The SD card is a option which the end user installs.
This requires removing two outside screws and two inner ones.
This sounds a little easier then installing a SD card in the XX79A :)%
Title: Re: XX62A SD card capable?
Post by: Brian H on July 23, 2019, 06:21:25 AM
I am on the X10 mailing list.
I got a notice a few days ago. About the XX62A.
Looks nice.
Title: Re: XX62A SD card capable?
Post by: HA Dave on August 01, 2019, 12:13:53 AM
I've been considering WiFi cameras (inside and outside) myself. Although the view from anywhere, hard-drive recording, hardwired, cameras I have now do a fine job. The technology has improved!

Many now alert right on a phone.... some camera/software/app setups can tell people from blowing trees.... some even have face ID technology.

But I like the new outdoor camera offered by X10. I've always depended of X10 quality. Some other products seem a bit more "risky".

However I really want integration. Everything should work with the other products I already own..... or may purchase in the near future.