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Title: MS14 vs MS16 vs MS13
Post by: me too on March 30, 2005, 10:36:06 PM
Do you need the added dusk and dawn funciton
of the MS16 when you have conditional macros?
Couldnt you just use a MS14 or 13?
Title: Re: MS14 vs MS16 vs MS13
Post by: donald mcmow on March 31, 2005, 03:29:06 AM
No you don't need to use the dusk/dawn
reporting function of the MS16. But you
should be aware that the next address code
is used by that function - just so that you
don't have unwanted module activations, and
are not sure what is happening.
Title: Re: MS14 vs MS16 vs MS13
Post by: greg on March 31, 2005, 08:21:09 AM
The problem is that the Dusk/Dawn feature is
enabled and canít be disabled on the M13 and
M14 sensors. I have all motions on one house
code (about 12 with more on the way) and the
Dusk/Dawn feature causes the next motion
sensor address to trigger. Example: F3 will
trigger F4; F4 will trigger F5; and so on. I
did not want this or have to skip every
other address so I cut one lead of the light
sensor to permanently disable the function.
The benefit of the M16 is the Dust/Dawn is
disabled by default and can be enabled if
Title: Re: MS14 vs MS16 vs MS13
Post by: roger1818 on March 31, 2005, 11:46:15 AM
Dxppass:  Conditional macros donít use a MS
to determine dusk and dawn.  It calculates
when sunrise and sunset are based on your

If you preferred, you could use a MS 13, 14
or 16 to set a flag at dawn and clear it at
dusk to determine when it is actually
dark.  They all have a built in light
sensor.  The differences are the MS13 is
not weather proof and the light sensor
cannot be disabled on the MS 13 and 14.
Title: Re: MS14 vs MS16 vs MS13
Post by: SteveRF on March 31, 2005, 01:39:55 PM
I use Macros to receive dusk/dawn
transmission from a motion sensor out on my
deck. I do not depend on the built in "value
tables and calculation" to determine dusk and
dawn.  I simply want actions to happen if it
is dark or light enough.  A rear deck
flood/motion sensor does the trick and is
"very" adjustable and has been extremely
reliable.  So as for me, my conditional macro
is fired as a result of signals from a very
reliable motion detector. Before I installed
the FL/MS on the rear deck, I was using a
MS16 for the same purpose.  Worked fine.
Title: Re: MS14 vs MS16 vs MS13
Post by: tony on April 01, 2005, 12:56:09 AM
I use MS14 sensors some to trigger cameras
and they have the Dusk-to-dawn (DTD)
disabled (they sense motion all the time).
I also use a MS14 DTD to turn on my outside
front and driveway lights when it starts to
get dark and off when it starts to get
light.  Also on the back deck a MS14 to only
turn on the floodlights when it is dark (the
MS14 can be set to only report motion when
it is dark Ė it sends a unit ID +1 ON and
after a selected delay with no more motion,
a Unit ID +1 OFF).  This all works with or
without a CM15A because the IDís are
synchronized to do this without a controller
(X10 light switches, all five (5), are set
to MS14 Unit ID +1) just use a transceiver
(TM751).  A great redundancy to the CM15A
and provides very high reliability.
Title: Re: MS14 vs MS16 vs MS13
Post by: SteveRF on April 01, 2005, 06:28:27 PM
That is a great idea !...
I have a second CM15A.  I am wondering about
letting it see the motion detectors also by
engaging the transceiver house code that they
are using.  Since you have 2 units running, I
was wondering if you see or if there is
conflicts that I should be aware of i.e.
running 2 units that respond to the same rf.
I think I could have explained that better...
but we will go with this..