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Title: Router and Ports
Post by: ken on February 10, 2006, 03:57:11 AM
I am currently running a LAN connected with a
router.  Port 80 is forwarded to a different
computer running a linux web server.  From
what I could find (and thats not much, even
in the poorly written manual) it uses port
80, or does it?  Does it use more then that?
I believe this may be the reason that My
House Online software is not connecting with
the MyHouse server to Verify Plug-in
Registration and get a connection.  Is there
any way around this??  Can I use a different
port that I can forward?? Or do I have this
thing all wrong?? (Also Im going to assume TCP)

A straight answer on how it is set up is
better then a lame we are working on it.  I
think I am asking direct enough questions
that can be answered.
Title: Re: Router and Ports
Post by: X10 Pro on February 10, 2006, 12:32:53 PM
In addition to port 80 MyHouse also uses port