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Title: Software Problems
Post by: scott on December 06, 2004, 03:37:47 PM
Well I got the CM15A out again today to see
if I could make any progress with it.
Finally have tracked down problems to 2
specific things.

-The CM15A only seems to be able to send
events for 11 timers set at the same time
of day.  AHP does not prevent you from
making more than that number, so anything
beyond that just doesn't execute.

-Having the security box checked while
using a dusk timer (may apply to dawn too,
didn't try that) keeps the timer from
working, even though the box is greyed out.

Once I figured these out, I was able to go
from 10 of 17 timers working at 30 min.
before dusk, to all of them working.  If
you know they exist, they're easy to work
around, but I really think they should be
fixed in the software.  Don't let the user
make more than 10 timers for the same time
of day, and if the security box is greyed
out, it shouldn't matter if it is checked
or not.