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Title: MultiView Crashes Computer
Post by: george on May 02, 2005, 11:30:03 AM
Windows XP. Installed MultiView, Pan&Tilt,
Xray, Firecracker on two different computers
having discussed problem with four different
X10 techs.

MultiView would consistently crash computer.

Installed the 'secret update' to MultiView
3.151, turned off Hardware acceleration,
installed Firecracker by itself - all the
techs suggestions. Nothing helped. (I'm a
computer programmer/consultant so I know my
way around)

I'm most disappointed as I had high hopes for
the system. All the hardware looks good and
seems to operate as advertised. Although X10
is an incredible bang for the buck, with the
problematic software, it's unusable to me.
I'm resigning as a reseller and contractor.

Anybody have suggestions on a STABLE wireless