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Title: XRAY Remote Will Not Work - Plz HELP
Post by: KSmith on June 24, 2005, 07:50:36 PM
I have XRAY Server set up at home.  It is set
to upload a set of pictures ever 10 minutes
to X10's "Online Imagebase"

It seems to be working fine....as I watch,
every 10 min it uploads the pics. A window
pops up that shows the up load progress and
closes when the upload is done.

However, no matter what computer I install
XPAY remote on (no firewalls, routers, or
anything) when it is run.....it just returns
an message that says

"There is no pictures on the x10 server"

For the login information, I use the same 10
digit installation key and password that
appear in the XPAY Server program.

ALSO.....I noticed that if I use the same
10-digit key but a wrong password (as a
test), I get the same above message.

I know the server is uploading
pictures....but why can't I access them?
This is driving me Crazy.