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Title: Remote Control I.R. Extender (Pyramid)
Post by: widow on January 31, 2006, 02:47:07 PM
Re: Extending range of:  (Pyramid) WIRELESS
remotely control a cable box, but one of the
extenders (transitter) is too far away to
work properly. How can I boost the power
output of the transmitter or increase the
sensitivity of the pyramid receiver?
Title: Re: Remote Control I.R. Extender (Pyramid)
Post by: dave w on February 01, 2006, 12:12:54 PM
1. Position the one you aim the remote at
(the RF transmitter), as high as possible.
2. Try adding more antenna length by
wrapping a few turns of about 18" of bare
copper wire to the top of the antenna. Try
same for the RF receiver side.
3. Try adding a passive repeater, if RF is
passing through multiple floors or walls. A
passive repeater is a "pick-up" antenna in
the room with the RF transmitter, coupled by
coax to a retransmitting antenna near the RF
receiver...yes this sort of negates the
entire concept of the "extender" but I used
it to couple signal from second floor to
basement. I used RG-58 with shield and foil
stripped back about two feet at each end. I
dropped the coax down a return air duct to
the basment and positioned the unshielded
portion near the room with the piramid RF
receiver. Worked well.